V4 Area Law

adsplm posted this 11 February 2014

what happend to V4 area Law in V5 weep with AREA law not o be found please advise

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compton posted this 10 March 2014

The Area Law is there now... it's in Multi-Section surface under a specific tab. I think it appeared at R22.

Here's an extract from the R23 documentation:

"You can define and control the shape of a multi-sections surface between its sections. To create a multi-sections surface allowing an area law, the following inputs can be used:

  • planar sections (with no tangency conditions)
  • a spine (optional)
  • a guide curve (either no guide curve, one or two guide curves)"

My memory of V4 is fading, but if you want to create a sweep with an area law, I think this needs to be done as a 'circle' type sweep, which you can do in V5 using the 'centre and radius' option. You could control the radius via a law and use a formula to derive the sweep radius from an area curve.

Hope this helps?

Amit posted this 10 March 2014

If you are still not seeing it adsplm, remember if you are running a PLM Express configuration of CATIA, you must have the GSD module (Part of the licencing) to see Area Law.