SmarTeam and DSLS licensing

compton posted this 24 September 2013

I am running SmarTeam R21 and need to swap from LUM to DSLS Licensing.

How do I go about this?

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sabina posted this 24 September 2013

Asking someone that knows how :p... enough humour for the day.

I remember someone doing this in my office, I will have to ask them and get back to you. I remember it being something very simple

Amit posted this 24 September 2013

Tried finding the required hotfix? I would try to help more but I am not particularly sure myself, I thought it would have been related to hotfix

Peter posted this 24 September 2013

Nah, you don't need a hotfix for R21. R20 and R19 yes, but you need to ask for those.

For R21, go into regedit, search for "SmartLUM.dll" which will find you a key that has a parameter called "C:\Smarteam\Bin\SmartLUM.dll" depending on your install directory. Change it to point at SmartDSLS.dll in the same directory instead and you're good to go on next smarteam start.

You'll need to do it on every client computer as well as the server itself.

Sabrina posted this 01 October 2013

but what if you had a 100 client machines? Could be time consuming to go and make a small modification on each.

I assume a script could be ran on startup to fix this?