Meshing in CATIA V5

Amit posted this 23 July 2013

Hi all,

I am normally use to using other FEA packages where I use second order Hexahedral. In CATIA I have found that I can only create, at best, a second order tetrahedral mesh. I have been using the Generative Structural Analysis workbench but have noticed there is an "Advanced Meshing" workbench. I have had a quick look in this workbench, which I am unfamilar with, and could not find a hexahedral mesher.

Is this a licence restricted tool or is this a limitation of CATIA V5 or am I simply not looking hard enough?

Kind Regards,

Amit Patel

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Amit posted this 02 September 2013


Bob posted this 24 September 2013

I am still in the process of learning this workbench.

compton posted this 19 November 2013

Hi, there is no 'auto mesher' for brick (hex) elements in CATIA. However, you can create them semi-automatically in the 'Advanced Meshing Tools' workbench by extruding, translating or revolving a quad mesh (shell mesh) that has also been created in that workbench.

CATIA can also use hex elements in its connection meshes - for example when you create a 'surface' type analysis connection and apply a 'Surface Welding' connection property.

As far as I know, the only automatic hex mesher available in CATIA is the 'Kubrix' HexaMesh Tools, that can be bought as an add-in to CATIA. This add-in is written by DPS in France -

See here - DPS Website

Hope this helps?