Make a point coincident to center of plane

newbie posted this 01 October 2013

HI there,

Please be kind, first time poster!! I am new to continue too with two weeks use.

I am trying to make a hole and want to make it coincident to the center of a plane, how can I do this?

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tcapry posted this 02 October 2013

is this in V5 or V6?

newbie posted this 02 October 2013

This is in CATIA V5R20

Amit posted this 11 November 2013

There is no such thing as "centre of a plane"... Planes are infinite in two directions. If the plane REPRESENTATION (The square you see is just a representation of the plane, lets say if you have a plane at 50(x),20(Y) this is the XY Plane, if it is at 100(X),40(Y), it is exactly the same thing just the representation is positioned elsewhere).

Do you mean the origin of the part. e.g. the default XY, YZ, ZX planes are at the origin of the part by default