CATIAV5 R20 Stop new product upon startup

Sandeep posted this 10 December 2013

Morning Guys,

I have finally after months grown tired of a new product being created every time I first launch CATIA. Anywhere in the settings where I can stop this?

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Amit posted this 10 December 2013

Hi Sandeep,

You need to add the variable:


into your environment file.

Sandeep posted this 12 December 2013

Amit, Where is this environment file? and where would I insert that string of text?

Thanks for your response

Amit posted this 13 December 2013

Morning Sandeep,

The environment file on a Windows7 machine can be found in:


Find the text file applicable to the CATIA version you are looking for. e.g. My V5R20 install environment file is called: CATIA.V5R20.B20.txt

At the top of the text file it shows:

!---------------------------------------------------------- ! DASSAULT SYSTEMES - V5 ENVIRONMENT FILE !---------------------------------------------------------- ! MODE : Global ! TYPE : CATIA ! TMSTMP : xxxxxxxxxx ! ARGS : -cs CATIA -a global -icon yes -menu yes -tools !----------------------------------------------------------


Note I have added "CatNoStartDocument=1" below the top line. There is a lot more text below too.

Just for additional information, you can prevent the splash screen that appears everytime CATIA is launched (before the application loads). Add "CNextSplashScreen=no" below the above text variable.

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Sabrina posted this 13 December 2013

Learning more and more about CATIA everyday. I guess this is more of an Admin thing than user. Interesting read and works well.

Sandeep posted this 16 December 2013

Thanks Amit,

Works a treat!